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Relax with Zwitscherbox

Designed in Germany, this unique product induces calm as it reconnects you to the sounds of nature, using a motion sensor and the gentle birdsong of the Bavarian Forest

Newly launched in the UK, Zwitscherbox is a stylish product designed to counter the noise and stress of modern life. Its contemporary design includes a motion sensor which, when activated, plays relaxing birdsong through an in-built speaker, filling the air with the beautiful sound of the Bavarian Forest for two minutes before it gently subsides.

Last year, a study at Kings College London concluded that listening to birdsong can boost mental wellbeing for up to four hours. In fact, numerous studies have shown that listening to birdsong not only reduces stress, but can also increase creativity and productivity. Created by German sound specialists, Relaxound, this minimal and contemporary design product, requires no cables so can be placed anywhere or wall-mounted.

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