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18th March 2020

Our spring issue is here, accompanied by our annual Home Fragrance supplement

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Ronin Jewellery's new launches at Spring Fair

People have valued and worn gemstones for thousands of years. Jewellery made using these natural marvels offers the wearer uniqueness and interest – many gemstones have formed deep in the earth over millions of years.

Ronin Jewellery love using semi-precious gemstones in their jewellery designs for just these reasons. Their aim is to create beautiful colour ways and easy to wear pieces, whist allowing the quality of the gemstones to shine.

Since ancient times there have also been beliefs about the benefits of wearing various gemstones – the ancient Greeks believed wearing Amethyst would prevent you from getting drunk, for example. Many gemstones were also worn for protection and good luck – Ronin Jewellery can’t guarantee you will only have good luck when wearing their jewellery, but hey – it looks pretty too.

There will be three new spring ranges to see at the Spring Fair. New customers at the show will have the option of ordering a great value Starter Pack of jewellery, ideal for Mothers’ Day in March.

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