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SAM Science Museum Inventor Kit Launches

The Science Museum shop today announced a collaboration with SAM Labs, one of the UK’s fastest growing startups, to launch an exclusive new Inventor Kit that will give kids, teens and adults alike, the ability to build their own smart gadgets, including doorbells and alarm clocks.

Aimed at bringing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to a broader audience with an intuitive introduction to basic coding and electronics, the SAM Science Museum Inventor Kit will sell for £99. The kit contains wireless blocks and a simple app to make inventing easy, even for those with little technological knowledge.

The kit contains four wireless blocks: two inputs (a light sensor that detects differing light levels, and a tilt sensor which senses movement); and two outputs (a DC-motor which spins, and a buzzer). The kit comes with 5 STEM activities to get you started, and all are explained in a step-by-step guide within the SAM app:

• Build an alarm system to protect your secret treasures
• Turn your drawings into music
• Master Morse code
• Make electronic songs
• Build a mini drum machine

Sam Pilkington, Product Development Manager at the Science Museum, says, “We are so excited to be working with SAM Labs to bring our customers the new Inventor Kit. Whilst it includes five fun gadgets to build, we hope to instigate a wealth of fun creative inventions by inspiring young people to physically build their dreams. The future lies in computer programming and SAM Labs has given students with zero coding skills the tools to create Internet connected gadgets in minutes!”

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