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Enesco announces new gift ideas from About Face Designs

Adding to its hugely popular Say What? range from About Face Designs, Enesco has unveiled the addition of new products, that allows the gift giver to say everything they’d ever like to express...and more!

Witty and wise with its words, the No Need to Remind Him Mug plays on the notion of the nagging wife, constantly reminding her other half to find the time and get around to completing a lingering task on the ‘to do’ list.

Presented in an olive green colour, the mug reads ‘If a man says he will fix it, there’s no need to remind him every 6 months’ in a striking font with a white colourway. With an SRP of £14.00, the No Need to Remind Him Mug holds 570ml of fluid, and is the perfect gift for any girl to give the guy in her life, as a gentle nudge in the right direction every time he takes a sip of tea to get the outstanding jobs done.

Playing on the tongue-in-cheek tone the brand has become known for, the A Case of Beer Pint Glass, is sure to raise a smile as well as a toast too. Emblazoned in a bold navy blue font, the glass reads ‘My wife told me to go out and buy her something that makes her look sexy, I bought a case of beer’. With an SRP of £5.95 and holding 450ml of fluid, the A Case of Beer Pint Glass is a perfect present between pals.

Available to buy from Enesco, the About Face Designs range is sure to be a big hit with its slightly off-the-mark, below-the-belt, yet hilariously honest remarks with couples and friends alike.

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