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ScentChips introduce ScentPearls to Home Fragrance Market

ScentPearls are colourful fragrant silicon beads for use in a ScentPearls Electric Warmer, a low wattage light which creates a gentle heat releasing the aroma.

With no naked flame or molten wax, ScentPearls are a safe alternative way to deliver fragrance to a home.

Available in 12 fragrances and as with ScentChips Wax Melts the consumer can mix them to create their own fragrance.

A special introductory offer of a ScentPearls Warmer complete with a tub of ScentPearls to retail at £39.95 (Normal Price £ 51.95) is a great opportunity for retailers to boost both sales and profits.

With the launch of ScentCrush - the Create your own Scented Candle Collection - developed in Europe for the Home Fragrance Market and exclusive to ScentChips, (see Gifts Today October 2015 Page 41) ScentChips UK now have a range of innovative products for this rapidly growing market sector.

For more information contact David or Lucinda on 01259 751009 or email

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