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Shadow Puppets at House of Marbles

Presented in a beautifully illustrated gift box, the Little Red Riding Hood Kit allows children to put on a shadow puppet show

The kit contains the puppets and a re-chargeable torch, included. House of Marbles are delighted to offer masses of new toys and games for customers to choose from this year.

Much of the range has been inspired by classic toys and games throughout the ages, so retailers can expect a high quality selection of well-loved products including a nostalgic Snakes and Ladders game. All come in gorgeous vintage-style packaging designed by the team.

There are lots of entertaining additions to their exclusive Christmas range, too. Retailers can pick from a festive selection of traditional Jumping Jacks and the hilarious O-Deer game - where players try to catch hoops with their inflatable antlers! The great gift margins make this a must have collection in the run up to Christmas. There’s only limited stock though and last year the collection sold out fast.

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