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Shuffle is a very big deal at Hamleys!

“Fantastic” response from kids and adults to new card game concept at launch event

Cartamundi, one of the world’s market leaders in playing cards and card games, is celebrating a resounding triumph for its groundbreaking new product, Shuffle, at a launch event in Britain’s best-known toy store.

Three titles from the new Shuffle range of card games with optional interactive apps starred in a recent launch event at Hamleys. And, as Trudi Bishop, Head of Marketing and Licensing, Cartamundi Group, says, the response, from adults as well as children “was nothing short of fantastic”.

The event, which took place in the games floor on level three of the world-famous toy store, began at noon and continued until 4pm. It highlighted three of the card games in the Shuffle range, all based on famous entertainment brands: Guess Who, Nerf and Play Doh. The games were demonstrated by a team of Cartamundi experts and senior executives, including Creative Services Manager Marco Van Haaften, along with Hamley’s staff and the enormously popular Play-Doh character Doh Doh.

Clearly the young card players who attended the event at Hamleys were impressed. They joined in the games with great enthusiasm and were thrilled to meet Doh-Doh. Among the reactions from the kids attending were such appreciative comments as: “Awesome,” “fantastic”, “amazing” and “really exciting”. And the grown-ups loved it too. One mum was overheard saying: “These would be great for the train!”

Not just feedback but sales on the day were impressive, which was a fitting tribute to an amazing new concept in card games, which has been in development for a number of years.

In fact Shuffle is a major breakthrough for both Cartamundi and card games. It’s a brand new product category that combines playing cards and digital technology for an enhanced way to play popular card games with support from tablets and smartphones.

Shuffle is supported and boosted by a partnership between Cartamundi and Hasbro that brings some of the most famous entertainment brands in the world to this fabulous new concept. Card players can battle for the Earth with the Transformers game, pick their favourite ponies and find missing jewels with My Little Pony, have fun in the shopping mall with Littlest Pet Shop, get rich and go bust with Monopoly Deal or try to find out the identity of the character their opponent picked in Guess Who.

But these and other great games — including Cluedo, Play-Doh, Trivial Pursuit, Nerf and Boggle — can be enhanced by the Shuffle app, downloadable from the Apple and Google Play stores, adding to the fun and possibilities of card play.

For example you can bring the Chance cards to life in Monopoly Deal, animate a shopping mall in Littlest Pet Shop, set up the app to act as mission control in Transformers or create customised pictures of your friends and family using the Guess Who imagery. Shuffle allows you to do all this and more, adding to the fast, fun and truly immersive experience that great games can offer.

Shuffle cards are also built to last. The Shuffle line appears in new, innovative premium packaging specially designed to be both durable and portable: a first for quality playing cards.

Chloe Fox, Cartamundi Marketing Executive, who played a major role not only in organising but in running the event, says: “After four hours talking about Shuffle and answering questions from an enthusiastic but demanding audience of youngsters, I can safely say it’s been a very busy day — but a very, very rewarding one!”

Trudi Bishop added: “However much satisfaction you get from the process of creating a ground-breaking product like Shuffle there’s nothing quite like seeing the joy it brings to a real-life audience — and the response to the Hamley’s event exceeded even our high expectations. We’re delighted that so many visitors agree with us that Shuffle is a very big deal!”

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