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SIA Home Fashion adds its magic to the BBC Bake and Cake Show

This year saw SIA Home Fashion taking a stand at the BBC Bake and Cake show in London 

SIA’s UK Director Simon Pykett reported “This was a unique opportunity to meet our end consumer and promote our brand image in the UK. SIA Home Fashion work closely with our retail customers and for many of them we provide visual merchandise assistance in store. As such this was really Claire’s show and an opportunity for her to show off her artistic flair and visual display abilities without the usual commercial constraints”

Claire Youldon, SIA’s Visual Display Manager told Gifts Today editor Penny Franks: “With a background in Display and Design, I joined the VM Team at SIA four years ago.

“I thrive on the varied role of the showroom set ups, outside promotions, demonstrations and retailer visits. The challenge and personal objective of wanting to make a difference is made enjoyable with the signature collection of SIA flowers and accessories.

“When SIA was invited to be the dressing partner at the recent Bake and Cake Show at the Design Centre in Islington, it was such an opportunity to be part of the show and to be able to display the wonderful range of products. 

“As Visual Display Manager I am responsible for the set-up of the showroom in Newbury on a twice yearly basis, showcasing Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and then rolling the 'SIA Look' out to selected retailers in the UK and Ireland. Each day is different and challenging but I love it!”

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