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SIA UK receives an international visitor

SIA’s UK Director Simon Pykett received a VIP visitor from Group Head Office prior to the opening of his new showroom in Newbury

Mrs Zeina Burget, SIA Groups International Director flew in to Heathrow on Friday the 4th of July to see for herself the recent developments and progress achieved in the UK and Ireland.

Zeina commented: “It was a pleasure to visit the new showroom and head office for SIA UK Ltd. Simon had of course presented his plans to the board in France but it was only upon my arrival did I gain a full understanding of his enthusiasm for the project.

"Not only is it a really great showroom it is also a pleasant working environment, reflected in the enthusiastic and warm welcome I received from the staff there. Sales remain strong in the UK and Ireland and I have no doubts they will continue to grow. SIA GROUP , in France wishes SIA UK the very best of luck and I am looking forward to my next visit”

Discussing the visit with Gifts Today, Simon told our editor Penny Franks: “SIA GROUP have always been very supportive of us in the UK and it was great to have this support underlined by such a high profile visitor.

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