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Six new jigsaws from Gibsons

This spring, Gibsons have released six new jigsaws for avid puzzlers to add to their ever-growing Gibsons collection!

The first of the releases is an innovative 636 pieced jigsaw that whisks the puzzler back to the mid-19th Century through its portrayal of Portishead high street. 

Artist Bryan Evans has taken familiar elements of our modern way of life, wound the clock back 150 years and dropped them into the nineteenth century, along with four-wheeled prams and horse drawn carts!

Knobbly Knees is the new 500 pc jigsaw by Jim Mitchell that depicts the mayhem and madness that occurred at holiday camps, back in the days when trips abroad were mainly for the lucky ones, and it was the camps that provided a real family holiday.

Czes Pachela’s Life in the Slow Lane is the 1000 piece jigsaw that takes the puzzler away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life to the countryside on a warm summer’s day, where there is simply nothing better than having a picnic on the banks of the canal.

Painted by Philip D Hawkins, Summer Saturday on Snow Hill shows the commotion that would have occurred on a Saturday morning in the 1950s as holiday makers rush to catch the 09.50am train to Plymouth and Penzance. As passengers wait eagerly with their suitcases on Platform 7, “The Cornishman” has been loaded with coal and is ready to make the seven hour journey to the seaside town.

The penultimate addition to the new range is Salcombe Harbour by Terry Harrison. The jigsaw captures the Devonshire South Hams town that lies on the Salcombe estuary in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Finally, An Apple A Day portrays life long before pre-packed produce and automated checkouts, when we had cheery men in flat caps and long coats who would pick and weigh your fruit & veg, whilst filling you in on the local village gossip!

Available to order now. For more information on the new additions and to see the entire Gibsons range click here.  

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