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Socks please, Santa!

Gen Z aren’t all about technology, as 85% of them would love socks as a gift this Christmas, according to a new survey of 1500 Brits

A survey by SockShop found that young people in particular are hoping to unwrap some socks this year, with 85% of 18-24-year-olds either appreciate or greatly appreciate finding socks in their stocking this Christmas morning.

On top of their appreciation for socks, 18-24-year-olds also emerged as the age group most in need of socks this festive period, with 7.6% claiming they never purchase socks for themselves. When they do buy socks for themselves, they were found to be the age group most likely to spend a maximum of 99p per pair.

When questioned about the reasons why they enjoy receiving socks as a gift, the most popular choices for the younger age group were that they are useful (61%), the fact that they don’t have to buy their own (48%) and because they are comfortable (33%).

The results of the survey also revealed 23% of all respondents receive socks as a gift more than once a year. Despite this, 48% of respondents said they would appreciate socks as a gift, while 24% said they would greatly appreciate it. Just 4% of respondents said they would not at all appreciate receiving socks as a gift.

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