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Special Autumn Fair offers

Learn who is taking part in the Gift Association's member-to-member voucher scheme

GA retailer members and subscribers will be able take advantage of product discounts and other special offers being made by Autumn Fair exhibitors taking part in the association’s member-to-member voucher scheme.

Participating suppliers are:
Ancestors (5, L18/M19)
Azeti (3, W17)
Blue Eyed Sun (4, D03)
Bottleclocks (5, M60)
Deco-Pak (3, G06)
Edwin Jagger (3, H40)
Everest Arts and Crafts (5, F20/G21)
Giftscribes (5, J46)
Global Journey (5, H26)
HHJ Trading (2, H02)
Lagoon Group (3, T46/U45)
Lanka Kade (4, A30)
Maingate (5, K26)
Meridian Import Company (5, G11)
Miss Milly (4, H48)
Nemesis Now (5, J02)
Neviti (3, U41)
Opal London (5, K21)
Otus Designs (5, K40)
ph9 (2, E45)
Paladone Products (5, B58/C59 & 3, T06)
Really Good – with Soul (4, A30)
Spike Leisurewear (5, L01)
Tilnar Art (5, G16/H17)
TomCat Cards (4, D21)
Windhorse (5, H70).

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