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Special offer from Mandarin Arts

A great opportunity to try out the company's expanded range of tea mugs, many inspired by stories from Chinese folklore

Mandarin Arts, a well-established importer of far eastern products, has recently expanded their range of tea mugs.

There is a mug illustrating the story of the Cowherd and the ethereal Girl Weaver who are the stars Altair and Vega whose paths cross once a year: the couple’s children are the stars Beta and Gamma who are carried in baskets each end of a bamboo shoulder pole by their father (all part of the constellation Aquila the Eagle).

The mugs not only have matching lids to keep your drink warm, but also a removable filter insert in which you can put either loose tea or a teabag.

A special offer, running until midnight on Thursday 18 May, with 15% off the normal trade price of the mugs is the perfect opportunity to try out this lovely exclusive gift range.

Call: 01873 812255

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