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Range expands range to include Edith Nesbit’s popular masterpiece The Railway Children

'They were not railway children to begin with' and neither was their story something you could hang on the wall. But now, after four television adaptions and two films, Nesbit's classic tale has been added to the Spineless Classics range of literary wall art you can read.

Spineless Classics creates wall art by printing the complete text of a book on a poster, with the surprisingly legible 4-point words arranged in a delightful design. Each design includes every single paragraph, word and full stop of a classic novel to create an innovative and fascinating talking point for any home.

Of the many adaptions of The Railway Children, arguably the most famous are the 1968 BBC TV series and the 1999 ITV film, featuring Jenny Agutter as eldest child Roberta in the former and the children's mother in the latter. The story of three city children adapting to simple village life when their father is wrongfully imprisoned is one that has touched generations and become a British classic.

The Railway Children is the latest addition to Spineless Classics’ extensive range of literary art prints, which includes well-loved stories such as Wuthering Heights, 1984, The Great Gatsby or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Carl Pappenheim, bibliophile founder of Spineless Classics, said: 'The Railway Children is one of my favourite books. Patient Bobby, excitable Phyllis and their resourceful brother Peter are wonderful characters with whom to share your home. And what a story: counter espionage, Old Gentlemen and crimson bloomers on sticks - this book has it all. You'd have to be made of tougher steel than a steam train not to be bawling by the end of the final paragraph, and have a heart blacker than the coal in its tender. From the arrival at the white cottage to, 'my Daddy, my Daddy!' you can now enjoy your favourite line at any time just by glancing at a frame in the hallway.'

All Spineless Classics prints maintain the original formatting, including paragraphs, chapter headings, italics and diacritical detail. The posters are printed on high quality, non-reflective paper with a lush satin finish using state-of-the-art technology to ensure the text is crisp, clear and long-lasting.

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