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Wow! Stuff’s Danger Mouse classic gifts go ‘Colossal’ in 2016

The all-new series of Danger Mouse has proved a colossal hit with audiences, topping the ratings with a triumphant return to TV on CBBC that is reigniting interest in the original classic series and paving the way for Wow! Stuff’s new classic master gift range launch.

Now Wow! Stuff has tapped into this cross-generational theme and retro phenomena and created a range of gifts for avid fans of the show. Many of the gifts are drawn from the quirkier comedy elements of the original series, such as the eyeballs in the dark, and have been designed to appeal to an older gift buying audience who fondly remember Danger Mouse from their youth and whom have now been reunited with the brand through the re-launch hit on children’s TV.

Dan King, Head of UK sales at Wow! Stuff commented, “The show has had an incredible, phenomenal start! So far alone, a total of 2.4 million people have seen Danger Mouse on TV during the first three weeks of the run. And as a gift brand it works perfectly because it ages up due to its heritage and history as a number 1 show from the 80s, giving it a very broad demographic appeal. Wow! Stuff is known for bringing an innovative touch to all our brands and we’ve had a lot of fun with Danger Mouse. The range is being listed as a hot property by the retailers as they can see the proof of its appeal. A case of an overnight success that’s been nearly 40 years in the making.”

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