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Stylish Stoneglow

Urban Botanic is a new range that aims to bring the outdoors to the indoors

The exotic aromas packaged in fun vibrant vessels will transport you to a relaxing urban oasis. The stunning collection of ceramic diffusers and candles are available in four punchy scents and tropical colourways. These are sure to make a wow statement. This stunning range has been shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2019 along with Infusion! Stoneglow are so proud to have two collections shortlisted.

They have given their iconic Modern Classics range a facelift. Simplicity is key for this timeless collection, with classic designs and modern aromas, selected for their captivating fragrances. Their beautiful Modern Classic collection comes in seven decadent high fragrances of candles and diffusers.

Another big change is Stoneglow’s Nature’s Gift collection that has also had a revamp, with new bottles and packaging featuring the tree of life.

Additionally, they have added in new fragrances to key ranges, hanging perfume cards to their loved Luna range, and many more new lines.

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