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Tea for two gets a boost

Taking afternoon tea is as popular as it's ever been and even has its own special week to celebrate this English Tradition.

Produced in the heart of England’s “Potteries”, Burleigh is the only pottery in the World to continue the centuries old craft of tissue transfer printing. This hand craft method produces wares of a unique subtlety and depth of colour that pieces made by modern methods lack.

Steven Moore as seen on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow explains: “Burleigh has long been the tea lovers choice and has been handcrafting beautiful tea wares since 1851 just as the tradition of ‘Taking Tea’ as a light meal during the day became fashionable in high society.”

To continue this tradition, choose from one of Burleigh’s timeless designs such as 'Asiatic Pheasant', a Burleigh favourite since 1862, or perhaps the award winning Regal Peacock, favoured by Royalty? Can’t decide? Why not mix and match Burleigh designs to reflect your own individual style. Add one of Burleigh’s tiered cake stands for impact and a cow creamer for fun and your table is set to perfection!

A highlight of the Social Season, Afternoon Tea Week takes place this year from 10-16 August 2015.

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