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Tendence 2015: the new-products platform for the busy winter season and spring

Giving: gift ideas of all kinds – the ideal supplementary product line.

Everything that’s new at a glance: Tendence from 29 August to 1 September shows all that the coming winter and spring seasons have to offer for the home and giving.

Products that are particularly suitable for giving as gifts can be found in the Giving sector. “In terms of size, Tendence is a unique order venue in the late summer. It is and is set to remain Europe’s foremost new-product platform for the second half of the year. More than half of all exhibitors who present new products for the coming season meet the visitors at no other fair at this time of year”, says Yvonne Engelmann, Director of Giving at Tendence. Gilde Handwerk.

Macrander also uses the consumer-goods fair to launch new collections of gifts and decoration articles: “For us, Tendence is no longer just the ‘old’ autumn fair where products for the coming Christmas are ordered. It has now developed into a pre-order or preview show for the following year”, says Hamid Yazdtschi, CEO, Gilde Handwerk Macrander.

It is also a component part of the portfolio of events for another exhibitor, Räder Wohnzubehör, Bastei Lübbe AG: “Tendence is one of the year’s key fairs for Räder and represents an important sales peak for each autumn/winter season”, says CEO Kathrin Völker.

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