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Tendence goes green

Tendence 2016 to follow Ambiente with the introduction of the Ethical Style Guide with 42 suppliers of sustainable products already selected

Following on from the success of The Ethical Style Guide at Ambiente, Tendence 2016 will now introduce the same concept, a guide enabling” us to give buyers orientation and transparency in this highly complex product segment", says Philipp Ferger, Tendence’s Group Show Director.

The guide provides a specially selected list of sustainable and ethically manufactured products and, in future, will be a part of the Fair’s catalogue.

"Following the successful introduction of the Ethical Style Guide at Ambiente 2016, it is our intention to press ahead with this important issue at Tendence as well. This is because, in terms of consumer goods, so-called 'green products' are one of the growing market segments that we would consciously like to promote", Philipp adds.

The Ethical Style Guide provides information about different aspects of sustainability and about exhibitors whose products display these qualities, broken down into six categories: 'Eco-Friendly Materials', 'Eco-Optimised Production', 'Fair & Social Production', 'Re-/Upcycling Design'‚ 'Handmade Manufacturing' and 'Sustainable Innovation'.

An independent jury has already selected 42 exhibitors in all, from eleven countries.

Members of the jury of independent experts include Rudi Dalvai, WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation), Kees Bronk, CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries), Lutz Dietzold, Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council) and Ralf Müller, TÜV Rheinland, among others. Also on the jury are Gerhard Friesacher, Changemaker AG, Sabine Meyer, Side by Side, as well Max Gilgenmann, who is an expert for sustainability criteria in textiles, and Mimi Sewalski from the online shop,

Mimi says: "Many companies are already active in terms of sustainability and fair production. The Ethical Style Guide makes it possible for them to show this added value and also makes it more visible to buyers. The companies we have chosen for this year’s Tendence stand out because they employ a wide range of sustainable and social measures, which are bound to inspire other companies as well to take a step in this direction in the future”.

Exhibitors such as Capventure, David Fussenegger, Gerlinde Hofer, IHR Ideal Home Range, Koziol, Pad Home Design and Tudi Billo Papers were chosen by the jury for the 'Eco-Friendly Materials' category, while listed in the 'Eco-Optimised Production' category are companies such as Holzpost, Olbrish, Wax Industri Nusantara and Werkhaus.

'Re-/Upcycling Design' is part of the creative profile of firms like Daff, Handed by, House of Emotions, Ninelives and Paprcuts. Generally speaking, many of the exhibitors can be found in more than just one of the six categories.

To help locate the Ethical Style exhibitors more easily on the ground, their stands will display a green label. They are also listed separately on the exhibitor search page on Tendence’s website:

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