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The Bright Emporium opens September 2015

Gallery and design studio for children's artists where consumers can buy bespoke pieces.

The Bright Emporium will be the UK’s first home for the art of children’s illustration; a multi-functional space, it will be a collective gallery, retailer, design studio and events space, set across two-storeys and movable to suit the exhibition or artist on display and designed as an inclusive space where storytellers and artists can come together to showcase creativity, direct to consumer.

“It is time to make rock stars out of our artists. Children’s book illustrators are often forgotten and The Bright Emporium has been developed to help bridge the gap for first class and globally recognised children’s book illustrators around the world,” said Vicki Wilden-Lebrecht, the founder.

“We want to help artists showcase their work and connect with their audiences directly and The Bright Emporium will be a place where we will show emerging talent to established children’s book artists and authors, encouraging consumers to immerse themselves in to their favourite characters’ worlds.”

Visitors to The Bright Emporium will, for the first time, be able to work in tandem with the illustrators they love and commission bespoke drawings, limited edition prints, exclusive pieces of upholstered furniture featuring their favourite book characters and get involved in the artistic process of storytelling and personally realise the magic of the imagination of the artists that families all around the world love.

The portfolio of Bright Groups 200 illustrators will be given a platform unlike any that currently exists; an opportunity to show their work in a galley and unique retail destination location, a location that engages a captive audience that has specifically travelled to the destination.

“The Bright Emporium is an important step forward for the sector,” added Vicki, “our artists are excited by the exposure this will give them. The benefits are unlimited and we’ll finally be able to position them as a brand in their own right, for the first time.”

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