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The Top 10 Secret Santa Gifts

The UK Gift Card & Voucher Association reveals the top 10 gifts for office secret Santa

Along with the office Christmas party, secret Santa is a great way to bring an office together. Colleagues are usually randomly assigned a person to whom they must anonymously give a gift.However, it can be difficult to find a gift that a colleague will truly value, especially when there is a price limit involved and you don’t know the person well.

To take the worry out of gift giving this Christmas, the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association has selected its top ten suggested secret Santa presents to give to colleagues.

The UK Gift Card & Voucher Association’s top ten secret Santa gifts include:

1. New set of cake accessories
2. A stylish phone case
3. A good book
4. A gift card or voucher
5. A selection of British craft beer or their favourite bottle of wine
6. A luxury mini-hamper
7. Keep the chills away with a woolly hat and scarf
8. A pair of novelty socks is the classic Christmas gift
9. Help them relax with a home spa set
10. Fine quality cheeses from around the UK

Andrew Johnson, the director-general of the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association, gives his advice for stress free gift giving this Christmas:

‘It is often hard to decide on a gift to buy a colleague at Christmas, especially as it is supposed to be a personal gesture. Sometimes, you have to buy a gift for someone you know very well, or your boss! For this reason we selected a handful of novelty gifting options that can appeal to a variety of personalities within a company, making sure everyone will receive a gift that they’ll enjoy.
‘Gift cards and vouchers are a great way to give a gift that your colleagues will truly value, without running the risk of them not liking your choice of present or buying the wrong size. There’s nothing worse than opening a present, only to find that it’s something you already have – or something that you really dislike. Gift cards and vouchers are growing in popularity for this very reason, as more and more people see their appeal.’

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