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The year of the cactus

Pucktator have got the trend covered with their large and varied collection of cactus gifts

These prickly plants have created a storm in the world of interior décor and people just can’t get enough. Puckator have endeavoured to create a vast range that suits every cactus enthusiast, big and small.

Following the trends in home fashion, their first collection - Cactus Time - features cool muted tones and chic geometric shapes. Covering mugs, storage bags, candles and statement compacts, to name a few, it’s easy to immerse your environment in this classic collection.

On the more whimsical fun side they have their fiesta time and el succulèntes complementary ranges. Featuring bold colours, stylistic designs and fun characters they bring a smile to even the grumpiest of faces. We particularly like the ‘cactercise’ water bottle, we all need something to smile about in the gym and this exercising cactus gives us all the motivation we need.

Take a look at the collection today and supply your store with some truly succulent stock!

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