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Tiger founder to launch toy store

Philip Bier looks to emulate success of the Danish gift chain with new kids' clothing and toy store ÏD Kids

Philip Bier is looking to repeat the success he had with high street gift and homeware store Tiger with a new venture in toy retail.

The Danish businessman has finalised a franchise deal with French kids' clothes and toys store ÏD Kids , and is set to open the first location in Soutside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth, London this May with an eye to capitalise on the void left by Toys R Us.

Much like Tiger, ÏD Kids will begin selling brands little known to the British public, such as Okaïdi and Oxybul.

'If you want to own an ÏD Kids product you have to go to ÏD Kids,' said Philip, who made millions selling his stake in Tiger last year.

He hopes to emulate the success through his new company Bier Brothers, a joint venture with his brother Jacob.

'If people say I’m mad I have some sympathy for that statement,' he added. 'But if you take Toys R Us they stood still and relied on doing the same thing for 25 years with no material change in their model. They just expected customers to turn up with a basket and fill it. That doesn’t happen anymore.'

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