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At Pulse, you can find something different, unique and invaluable. Whether it's emerging designer-makers, new A/W 18/19 launches, trend forecasts, business advice, undiscovered international brands or Christmas collections ahead of the busy autumn period, Pulse is designed with your business in mind.

Cutting Edge

Pulse is home to design innovators: From our quirky collection of new designers in our Jewellery Emporium to our trail of international discovery in FOUND, Pulse is a hotbed of cutting-edge product and talent.

Curated by a panel of market-leading experts, Pulse lets you align your brand with the very best in the design world, ensuring only the finest edit of products are showcased to its audience of discerning retailers. The experts’ role is to pinpoint new and exclusive products, and highlight the very latest trends, talent and directional brands.

Inspiring Insight
Pulse has established itself as the go-to industry event for the most up-to-date retail trends, expert advice and business insight, both at the show and 365 days a year on the Pulse website.

With a reputation for style and stand-out design, Pulse is one of the most beautifully presented trade shows around. Designed with flair and delivered in the iconic home of Olympia London’s historic Grand Hall, Pulse is always a pleasure to attend.

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