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Traditional annuals like the Beano and Rupert predicted to hit the top spots

St Pancras gets out the crystal ball to guess the best-selling annuals

One of the earliest Christmas annuals was issued in 1822 and the yearly collections have proved popular ever since, with the market spreading from comic books through to the exciting world of celebrity.

Christmas annuals are still a firm favourite to fill stockings. Every publisher is pulling out all the stops to secure the best-seller spot, from classics like Beano and Famous Five to modern day favourites like Doctor Who and Peppa Pig.

Since St Pancras International’s debut on the cover of the Beano 2015 Annual earlier this year, and the Beano Annual 75th Anniversary exhibition currently taking place, the space has become a magnet for comic book fans.

The station sells thousands of annuals each year to a UK and international audience through retailers such as Hatchards. St Pancras International predicts the top five best-selling children’s annuals for 2014 are:
1. Beano Annual 2015
2. The Rupert Annual 2015
3. The Official Doctor Who Annual 2015
4. Peppa Pig: The Official Annual 2015
5. Famous Five Annual 2015

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