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Trends at Tendence 17

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For years, leading central trends have increasingly come to be replaced by lots of different, parallel trends. When it comes to product development, designers continue to set store by trends of the past, though they borrow only individual elements from them. With modern manufacturing methods and using the latest colourways, products emerge that bring history to the present and sometimes even to the future.

Materials that look natural like wood, willow, rattan and linen are combined with brass, copper, silver, gold and glass. At the same time, in the juxtaposition of opposites, matte, textured, highly polished and natural surfaces play off against one another. And we see a mix of perforation and patterns that draw their inspiration from nature, as well as used and ethno looks. The targeted use of concrete, for example, lends definite contemporary perspectives. Inspiration drawn from a variety of styles flashes between them, including Art Deco, the 1950s and Memphis. On the one hand, the colours that dominate are a powdery rosé and mint tones; on the other, we find a whole series of blues and greens. A sunshine yellow provides summery accents.

Style conscious
‘Hygge’ continues to be a major theme: in this relaxed, often restrained and soigné style, the clean lines draw attention to the quality of the material and workmanship. At the same time, large-scale leaf motifs unfold into luxuriant jungles. Buddhas, bamboo and sandy colours add a touch of the exotic. Solid barbecues and robust outdoor cooking gear make a masculine statement, as does outdoor furniture in concrete. Seating, tables and lights appear to come straight from the workshop or the factory and display coarse fittings such as rivets and brackets.

At Christmastime, traditional motifs such as rocking horses and nut- crackers create a festive atmosphere. At the same time, a trendy mix of pineapple, flamingos and the like bring colour to the tree.
Spring and Easter appear easy-going and full of colour: with brightly coloured bunnies, tropical fruits and parrots. Added to this are cacti and a range of other succulents. A fresh North Sea ambience picks up details such as sea birds, fish, crustaceans, fishing pots, driftwood and mussels.

In summer, the sitting room is moved outside: weather-proof designer carpets, mobile whirlpools, together with enclosed and smoke-free fires, keep people comfortable. Ingenious hanging systems and racks create spaces for plants.

Tasteful and tasty
Chocolate is a temptation, sometimes in experimental flavours such as bolete mushroom or rosemary. And more and more things from olden days, too, are being used as trendy gift ideas, like embroidery books and porcelain containers for sewing equipment. When it comes to jewellery, the fashion is for graphically bold elements and geometric forms. Today’s trendsetters adorn themselves with elaborate feather necklaces. Personal accessories score highly on design and contemporary functionality. Mini purses now slip into every clutch bag and trouser pocket, while bags and shoulder packs become more multi-functional and make theft more difficult.

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