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Two new licences for Molang

UK brand extension and strategy agency, Licensing Link, has announced two new licenses for the cuddly, funny, kind-hearted rabbit whose animated series is a massive online and TV hit

The deals are with Blueprint Collections, a leading supplier of innovative licensed stationery, bags and accessories, and Roy Lowe & Sons, a leading sock supplier, specialising in both technical and licensed character socks.

Blueprint will be launching a range of bags, stationery and gifting items, including beakers, novelty backpacks, pencil cases, pens, mirrors, storage tubs, beakers and more, all illustrated with pictures of a happy smiling Molang, on his own or with his best friend Piu Piu, a little chick. The range will be available at retail from spring 2018. It will be sold at high street stores, supermarkets, stationery shops and bookshops.

Roy Lowe & Sons is launching a range of Molang socks — not just for his many preschool fans but for the large number of men and women who love Molang’s funny, upbeat, carefree and caring approach to life. Again, the friendly and adventurous rabbit and his little friend will star in the designs. The Roy Lowe range for children and adults will launch at retail later this year at clothes shops, speciality shops and gift shops.

Molang first came to the world’s attention on the personal blog of Korean illustrator Hye-Ji Yoon, quickly becoming popular through instant messaging apps. French animation and production studio Millimages then gave Molang his own TV show, which is strongly based on visual humour (Molang and his friends speak a language entirely of their own). To date, 104 three-and-a-half-minute episodes have been made.

Although the core market for Molang’s shows and licensed output is preschool and teen, this delightful character and the values he embodies — happiness, friendship, loyalty, generosity, fun and kindness — have a universal appeal. His TV and online adventures are witty and entertaining, and the characters cute, funny and enormously likeable — just some of the reasons why TV exposure today extends to more than 200 countries worldwide, with high ratings in a number of countries — most notably France, the US and the UK — enormous success on YouTube and apps, and a massive social media presence.

And of course, licensed products are following: everything from apps to apparel is in development or under discussion as the cheerful and friendly rabbit, his rabbit pals and his best friend Piu Piu enjoy a growing success in numerous markets around the world.

Lisa Shand, Managing Director, Blueprint, says: 'This simply designed but incredibly charming character is a perfect source of memorable imagery for our output of stationery, bags and accessories.'

Ben Lowe, Account Manager, Roy Lowe & Sons, says: 'You couldn't find an image more likely to cheer you up as you put on your socks in the morning than Molang. This property will, we are sure, have a strong appeal to consumers of all ages.'

Chris Taday, Director of Licensing Link, adds: 'Molang is a winning property on every level with a memorable look and style that lends itself perfectly to licensed output. We’re extremely pleased to welcome Roy Lowe and Blueprint Collections to the growing Molang licensee family.'

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