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Unilever signs deal with Carousel Calendars

You will either love or hate the 2017 Marmite calendar

Unilever UK is joining forces with Carousel Calendars to create a new die cut calendar to the shape of the classic Marmite jar with a toast themed backboard design – one of the most innovative designs yet from the Exeter-based company.

Marmite, the iconic British brand, has very successfully cemented its place in British culture with its award winning “Love it, Hate it” marketing campaign and continues to be the UK’s best-selling spread, with more than 12 million jars sold annually. Its popularity means that retailers nationwide supply it, including large grocers, department stores and more than 300 independents.

Chloe Irwin, Senior Licensing Manager at Unilever UK, said: ‘’We are really excited to join Carousel Calendars to create a unique Marmite themed calendar for 2017. For all the Marmite lovers this will be a must have product for the home.’’

Martin Rees-Davies, Head of Licensing at Carousel Calendars, said: ‘’We are delighted to be combining the success of such a well recognised UK brand with a truly innovative and creative calendar product. A lot of thought and planning has gone into the design, packaging and display to ensure we are offering something unique to both retailers and consumers who I am sure will love it.’’

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