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Wasgij Celebrates the Big 2-0

Jumbo Games have released the Special Edition Wasgij Original 27: 20th Party Parade! 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle to kickstart the celebrations

The puzzle is themed around a celebratory village parade, with faces new and old joining in the party.

The unique Wasgij Original puzzle concept is the most popular choice for fans and challenges puzzlers to use their imaginations to piece together what the people in the picture on the box are looking at.

To make this commemorative puzzle even more collectable and top of puzzlers' lists, there is a free 1,000-piece puzzle included that allows puzzlers to piece together the picture printed on the box – unlike traditional Wasgij puzzles. The inclusion of the free puzzle gives retailers a fantastic opportunity to maximise their sales of this highly collectable and must-have puzzle for Wasgij fans new and loyal.

'We’re really excited to finally see this fantastic Wasgij puzzle in-stores and hear the overwhelming feedback from puzzlers,' began Stewart Middleton, Managing Director at Jumbo Games. 'Commemorating this milestone of our Number 1 Adult Puzzle brand that has held this position in NPD for over 10 consecutive years is a proud moment for us, and we’re continuing to see year on year growth!'

To support the 20th Anniversary, Jumbo has launched a nationwide promotion offering Wasgij enthusiasts the chance to win a Limited Edition 20th Anniversary prize puzzle that ‘money can’t buy!’ The Wasgij 20th Anniversary promotion is part of the bigger Marketing & PR Campaign that Jumbo are investing in throughout the year, so speak to your Jumbo sales representative to drive sales and be part of it this autumn/winter.

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