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Wax Lyrical in the spotlight

Cumbrian candlemaker Wax Lyrical found itself making the news this morning.

BBC Breakfast Time featured the company’s Lindal-in-Furness factory in a live segment by business presenter Steph McGovern.

The BBC is going up and down the country to talk to firms in the run up to the general election.

The five-minute segment featured a tour of the factory floor plus interviews with Wax Lyrical’s owner, Mike Armstead and some of the company’s employees including the longest serving member of staff, Tracy Burr and lab technician Steve Husband.

Mike said: “We survived a very deep recession, and a tough turnaround because of that and the banking crisis, but now we’re in growth and we’re very stable and we’ll continue to invest in new equipment, the quality of jobs will improve and we’ll continue to innovate.”

He added that much of the success has come from outside the EU: “We export to about 40 odd countries and doing very well, we don’t really export to Europe which has been tough, but Russia, the Far East and the Middle East have been brilliant for us.”

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