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Wishagift launches new website

The website for present giving, wishagift has launched their brand new website

The gift-giving website wishagift has launched its new website The website simplifies the act of gift giving and helps people give and receive the perfect present, reducing the significant amount of unwanted returns.

wishagift, the brainchild of Karina Thomsen is designed to make gift-giving simple and reduce the issue retailers face processing £6.8billion of gift returns annually. According to a survey from the Open University, commissioned by wishagift, 89% of us have received an unwanted gift at some point or another.

Registered users create their own wishlists and add wishes from any retailers’ product pages, giving the consumer greater flexibility and control with a wishlist service. wishagift then drives traffic and sales back to the retailer’s site. Retailers can add the wishagift button to sit alongside their product social media share links by simply adding the code available from the wishagift website.

One key element of wishagift is that it is socially driven. Friends and family follow wishes and wishlists, driving new customers and sales back to the chosen retailer. When looking to add a product wish, users simply click the wishagift button in their browser bar or on the retailer’s product page. Or on a mobile device, users can simply email the wish onto their wishlist.

Karina Thomsen, the founder of wishagift commented: “As online shopping habits continue to evolve, we see wishagift revolutionising the £40bn gifting market. This is just the start of wishagift – our vision is to have the wishagift button on thousands of retailer stores with over 1 million active users by the end of 2017.”

As wishagift’s user base grows, further functionality in development includes gift trending, API wishlist feeds and social collaborations with retailers.

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