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Wow! Stuff announces third master gift licence

Mr Men & Little Miss are to get a dose of Wow! Stuff’s innovation with an exciting all new master gift range launching in 2016.

Wow! Stuff’s CEO Richard North commented: “Since 1971 the Mr Men and Little Miss have been the UK’s biggest selling children’s book collections. They repeatedly hit the top slots and have proven to be an evergreen brand loved by kids today, but also holding a special place in the hearts of today’s adults.

“This heritage has created cross-generational appeal, which is why Mr Men and Little Miss mugs are always best sellers every year. We felt that with this broad consumer appeal we could innovate in a way not done before and create some really stand out products for young and old, male and female.
“This thinking led us to look at a bigger retailer opportunity combining the things that we do best, product innovation and PR, to drive sales of a far larger range of really innovative on-brand products. The resulting offer has some real design award potential and with a constant pipeline of new lines we are targeting Mr Men and Little Miss to be an annual bestselling, brand leading gift range, as we’ve done with Science Museum in its category.”

Wow! Stuff’s gift division has secured the licensed brand rights for a number of complimentary evergreen brands including the top CBBC show and famed retro brand Danger Mouse and Great British Bake Off, which is now Britain’s number 1 TV series with 15 million viewers watching this year’s final.

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