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Xystos taps into luxury candle accessories 

New Sienna Gold ‘inspirational home lighters’

Flame and fragrance company Xystos took buyers by surprise at Autumn Fair when it unveiled a new product that will seek to exploit the opportunities which exist in the luxury candle accessories market.

Xystos will distribute ranges of “inspirational home lighters” from Sienna Gold, which has been producing flame product for over 40 years.

Says Xystos general manager Tom Sykes: “For 130 years, people have been lighting candles with matches. This has meant burnt fingers, dripping wax and broken matches.

“Our partnership with Sienna Gold will put an end to that pain and frustration. Their home lighters are not only of the highest quality, but are also safe, reliable and extremely stylish.

“We believe that once independent retailers see that Sienna Gold offers elegant alternatives to cheaper models in the marketplace they will seize the chance to stock an aspirational product. This, in turn, will lead to multiple sales and repeat orders. We anticipate that end-users will not be satisfied with just one home lighter but will want several for different rooms in the home.”

Autumn Fair saw the ‘soft launch’ on the Xystos stand of the Lumina home lighter from Sienna Gold, which complements the elegance of the dining room. Tom describes it as “slim and beautiful, easy to use and refill, reliable and, above all, desirable”. The range comprises Carbon and Steel (RRP £14.99), while the colours – Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst and Cobalt – are set to sell at £17.99. Also available is The Ignite. This cool-looking home lighter, which embodies urban style for modern living, is priced at £27.99.

Xystos will launch The Aurora for spring/summer 2015, a “classic, timeless quality design for new urban lifestyles” from Sienna Gold in red green and blue (RRP £29.99). The spring will also herald the arrival of more exciting and unique designs.

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