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Yankee launch first Scent of the Year

Introducing One Together, Yankee Candle's first ever Scent of the Year, which expands its annual trend prediction process to identify one resonating theme and a single fragrance that defines 2019

'Each year, Yankee Candle takes great care to curate fragrances that our consumers will love. This year, we took this curation process to the next level,' says Anna Whitton, vice president of brand marketing, Yankee Candle Company. 'We identified an overarching theme and built a candle to perfectly portray it. The resulting fragrance is beautiful, compelling, and embodies the desire we have as individuals to connect with the world around us while still being accepted for who we are.'

This theme was then translated into the fragrance name: One Together.

One Together recreates the fragrance of the Miracle Flower, a scent never before used at Yankee Candle. This luscious floral wrapped with soft woods, suede, and amber is combined with mandarin, nectarine, and sandalwood. The resulting fragrance is beautifully nuanced, harmonious, and all together intoxicating.

'Our goal is to create scents that transform a home into a place where you can relax, be yourself and provide a warm welcome for your loved ones. In collaboration with trend, fashion and fragrance experts, we developed a singular scent to inspire you throughout the coming year,' said Whitton.

One Together is available in a Large two-wick Tumbler and Large Classic Jar Candle.

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