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Yod & Co to launch two new brands at Pulse

The brand agency specialises in representing young creative brands from all over the world and bringing them to the UK to showcase their work to new markets

For Pulse 2017, they are launching two new brands under the Yod and Co Umbrella:

1) Boskke, which is a contemporary gardening brand with their range of self watering plant pots and sky planters perfect for warming weather. Pictured here is their Flipped Planter.

2) Tangent GC is a Swedish brand specialising in organic garment, shoe and body care.

Pulse is a beautifully curated, boutique trade event for inspiring new gifts, modern living and fashion accessories taking place
14-16 May at Olympia London.

Pulse has a strong emphasis on emerging designer-makers, unseen international brands and new launches across all product sectors, allowing you to source extraordinary products in one easy, buying location.

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