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Yoohoo & Friends Gather Pace!

YooHoo & Friends is gathering pace on an international scale

Take TV: Brand owners, Aurora World are now well into development of Season 2 of the animation which follows the adventures of these adorable and sometimes feisty characters. 

 Subsequent to extensive distribution of Season 1, Season 2 has already sold to Broadcasters in Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

The core of the brand is the Plush. Heading up the vast array of Plush offerings in the YooHoo & Friends’ line up are the 5 main characters, YooHoo, Pammee, Roodee, Lemmee and Chewoo who all come in an assortment of sizes, with new introductions year on year.

Aurora World are looking at a global proliferation of the YooHoo & Friends’ brand and as part of a strategic move the Company are expanding their TV Sales & Licensing agency network with appointments in Germany (M4e), Scandinavia (Studio 100), Latin America (Imira), Russia (ICON Promotion), Turkey (Istanbul Lisans), Thailand (National Int’l Edutainment Plc), Middle East / N.Africa (Mondo TV), Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia / Philippines (Empire Multimedia)

Licensing is handled in-house in the UK and goes from strength to strength. Licensees include: Simba Dickie (toys), Intelex (heatable plush), Award Publishing (picture story/activity books), Redan Publishing (‘Sparkle World’ magazine), Kennedy Publishing (compilation magazines), Fashion UK (Outerwear), PMS (novelty stationery/gift). A major QSR promotion is planned for 2015.

Aurora World UK is supporting the brand in 2014/15 with a number of key marketing initiatives including the Hamleys’ Window feature for 5 weeks over the Easter (2014) period A brand new partnership has been sealed with Chessington World of Adventures Resort where YooHoo & Friends has been selected exclusive sponsor of the Children’s Zoo.

The re-named ‘YooHoo & Friends Children’s Zoo’ is themed with eye-catching graphics and the adjoining shop re-branded ‘YooHoo & Friends at the AMAZU Shop’. Press Day on April 5th was supported by costume characters and was a huge success for the brand, attracting large crowds, many of whom lined up for a hug with YooHoo!

Significantly for Licensees the core plush is now for the first time supported heavily by retail in the grocery sector. Sainsbury’s has increased its store count to 378 from March 2014 with an in-store promotion in July; Tesco are offering the 5” plush in 300 stores and Morrisons continue to support the plush. Elsewhere Argos on-line and traditional supporters Hamleys, independents, garden centres and travel & leisure sectors continue to support the brand.

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